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Through normal wear and tear on the body or because of injury, spinal joints can become restricted and inflamed. This inflammation interferes and irritates nerves exiting the spine, causing pain and other health problems. With gentle manipulation our team reduces these restrictions and inflammation, restoring nerve function and spinal motion.

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Joint Injection Treatment offered at All Star Health Clinic in Tempe and Gilbert Arizona



Trigger and joint injections are outpatient procedures developed to relieve your acute and chronic pain, fast. Trigger point injections target pain caused by swollen muscles and tendons by reducing inflammation. Joint injections target pain in the joint space by introducing lubricants to relieve friction or medicines that stimulate tissue growth. Within days you can experience pain relief that lasts.

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Joint Injection Treatment offered at All Star Health Clinic in Tempe and Gilbert Arizona
All Star Health Spine and Joint Care Offers Soft Tissue Management



Our wide range of soft tissue muscle therapies makes us your first line of care in injury management, rehabilitation and prevention. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, your individualized care plan has you covered from acute and chronic pain management to recovery. From myofascial release to manual trigger point therapy, our team of board-certified chiropractors and medical providers are trained and ready to get you back to your high-quality lifestyle, fast.

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Regenerative Medicine



Regenerative medicine is a natural treatment that activates your body’s healing response by stimulating cell growth. Your body has the ability to produce specialized cell types that can repair, replace and regenerate soft tissue where you need it most. Avoid the risk of surgery and long recovery periods by taking advantage of your body’s anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring abilities.

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Regenerative Medicine



Acupuncture is a healing and pain management method that jump starts your body’s natural ability to heal. Just beneath the surface of your skin runs a network of energy that connects to all of your body’s systems. By stimulating this network, our licensed acupuncturists unblock the flow of energy, restoring balance to affected areas throughout your body. From traditional needles and pressure massage to electronic stimulation, All Star Health can address your pain from the inside out.

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Pain of any kind deserves to be addressed. A tailored course of treatment can help you understand the underlying causes of your pain, address symptoms associated with your injuries and help you find the relief you deserve. All Star Health wants to help you live a better quality of life day in and day out. With All Star Health, you don’t have to compromise your quality of life.

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What Our Patient Says

"LOL, so happy with this practice, I didn't even remember posting a great review 2 months ago and ready to do it again. I inadvertantly showed up an hour early for my appointment, prepared to wait and they spontaneously got me in early without even complaining or cutting my time short or skimping on care. Class act, the whole place."

- Marlo A.

Having never seen a Chiropractor before, I was so thankful to have landed in the right place at the right time. My back had been hurting after lifting a box. My pcp had no solutions. When I went in on May 5th, I had no idea that they would save my life by sending me to the ER immediately after recognizing there was something seriously wrong. While I have no memory of the following week, I know that the office called my family to be sure I was okay--best customer service and concern I have ever received. Thank you!

- Megan E.

I am a regular patient at All Star Health and have always found the staff very friendly , and their treatments quite effective. The treatment is more than sorting out back pain; it's about being well. Dr. Griffith offers good care and advice for sustainable, long-term good health. I went initially to him with major back pain, and very quickly almost pain free now, and on the road to feeling well. I've had acupuncture, chiropractor and massage treatments here, and I highly recommend their professional approach to health and well being. Nice people in a good, quiet, stress-free environment. Let them know Michael sent you! 🙂

- Michael F.

Simply wonderful experience here at All Star Health. Dr. Griffith is first class in his knowledge and bedside manner. He is very thorough in both examination and treatment. I wasn't looking for your typical chiropractor and he is definitely not your typical chiropractor. It was my first visit here and he was able to help reduce my chronic back pain. I look forward to returning to this clinic and working with Dr. Griffith for future and continued healing. Big Thank You to Dr. Griffith and the wonderful staff and office folks here. Don't hesitate to book an appointment here--you will be well cared for.

- Kevin C.

All Star Health is awesome! They have an awesome, eager-to-serve staff and are always so easy to work with and helpful. Highly recommend!

- Aaron L.

By far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Doesn't try to sell you on coming back all the time

- Kassi J.

This place saved me during my recent trip to AZ. They're a one stop shop with a chiropractor, nurse practitioner, AND masseuse onsite!! I'm so glad the first 3 places I called couldn't get me in because I wouldn't have discovered these guys. Now I have something to look forward to when I go to Tempe for work! Thank you All Star!!!!

- Shaina L.

They all amazing here. Helped my step son out a lot! Great service and comfortable environment! Highly recommend

- Amber G.

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