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Changes Everything

Start your journey to a pain-free life now.

Get help from orthopedic professionals who can manage your most difficult pain. We recognize that your pain is unique to you.

Our team of medical professionals, chiropractors, and physical medicine and rehab therapists are committed to providing you with the best orthopedic diagnostics and non-surgical therapies possible.

Tempe, AZ & Gilbert, AZ

Pain Management Treatments We Offer


  • Orthopedic Evaluations
  • Imaging Diagnostics With Ultrasound Guided Therapies
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Visco-Gel Arthritis Injections
  • Joint and Muscle Tendon Injections


  • Trigger Point Injections
  • Intromuscular Injections
  • SI Joint Injections
  • Low Dose Medication Management
  • Dry Needling


  • Orthopedic Physiotherapy
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Spinal and Disc Rehabilitation
  • Vertigo, Fall and Balance Care
  • Post-Operative Therapy






About All Star Health


Improving your health is our primary concern. We understand that although you might be experiencing common pain symptoms, either neck pain, back pain, knee pain, elbow or even ankle pain, however, their underlying source is unique to you. Often, pain is the result of your body compensating for improper function in another area. That’s why we conduct a thorough evaluation of you as a whole. Although we treat many people with acute pain caused by recent injuries, most of our patients are trying to address chronic pain that emerges from old and even minor injuries that were never addressed. We focus on educating you about your condition because it not only helps you heal faster and with fewer relapses, but it keeps you in control of your care plan. Our main objective is to find out why your body isn’t healing, get it to heal, and get you back to your life.

All Star Health proudly serves our Tempe and Gilbert communities with a gentle, focused, and patient-oriented approach. Book an appointment today or Call 844-844-4755 and learn more about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for your conditions.



You want to be pain free ASAP so we offer same day service and welcome walk-ins. Our convenient locations and commitment to a wait-free experience means you can get back to your life, fast.


We're in-network! We accept all insurances. Medicare accepts most of our treatments and there's no out-of-pocket expense if your visit is due to a car accident or work injury. Plus, our team of board-certified medical providers and chiropractors offer you comprehensive care under one roof, saving you time and money.


You can be you again. We don't push long-term treatment plans. We focus on treating your pain and getting you back to a pain free life as quickly as possible.


Offering platelet-rich plasma of the highest caliber makes us proud.
In order to provide anti-aging treatments that promote skin regeneration, PurePRP® by Emcyte concentrates the cells found in your own blood. For patients who choose the most natural approach to their skin health, we like to think of it as a redistribution of your own resources.

Blood cells called platelets react when a blood artery is injured. By releasing growth factors and inducing a series of procedures that result in tissue repair, they also contribute significantly to the healing process.

Firstly we draw some blood, usually from your arm. It is helpful to be well-hydrated when you come for your treatment as this makes the process easy and comfortable.

Your blood is then processed under sterile conditions using the Emcyte PurePRP® system, which takes about 10mins, and yields approximately 7ml of platelet-rich-plasma. This is then injected back into the skin. The injections can be done manually using a needle or cannula, depending on which area is being treated, but can also be performed using the automatic V2 injector to ensure wide, even distribution over the treatment area.

We personalise each treatment to each patient and often utilise a combination of injection techniques during a session. Your individualised plan will be discussed fully with you during your initial consultation.

Within a week of treatment, many patients notice improved hydration in the skin. Changes such as improved skin volume and structure generally occur within 30 days and improvements can continue for up to 90 days.

The number of treatments required will depend upon the starting condition of your skin, and the desired outcome. Results naturally vary, since the treatment relies upon the body’s own natural regenerative mechanisms.

Typically, an initial course of three treatments spaced over 6-12 weeks is traditionally recommended for skin in poor condition. Patients whose skin is in better condition are often satisfied with the results they achieve with only one session, whilst others prefer to have a series of treatments to build upon their initial results.

In order to counteract ongoing ageing of the skin, a regular maintenance treatment every 6-12 months is recommended.

We individualise our platelet-rich-plasma treatments for each patient and so your PurePRP® journey will be planned with you at your initial consultation.

PurePRP® can be used as a stand-alone treatment or used in conjunction with other therapies as an “add-on”.

The face is the most popular treatment area, but platelet-rich-plasma is also commonly used for skin rejuvenation on the neck, décolletage, and hands. Contact us to enquire about other areas.

PurePRP® can also be used to help with both male & female-pattern hair loss of the scalp.

Call and inquire about our pricing

What Our Patients Say

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Pain of any kind deserves to be addressed. A tailored course of treatment can help you understand the underlying causes of your pain, address symptoms associated with your injuries and help you find the relief you deserve. All Star Health wants to help you live a better quality of life day in and day out. With All Star Health, you don’t have to compromise your quality of life.

Book Online or Call Us at 844-844-4755 to secure your appointment schedule. Walk-ins are also welcome.


If you live in Arizona and require headache and migraine therapy, All Star Health offers a number of non-invasive medical techniques. At our center, Arizona residents can get efficient treatment for every form of headache. Avoid being one of the 50 million Americans affected annually by tension or cluster headaches!
Neck discomfort can have several causes because there are so many fragile structures concentrated in such a small space. For effective neck pain alleviation, a proper diagnosis and therapy recommendations are required. Getting the right medical attention might help stop past injuries from returning. Poor posture, bulging or ruptured discs, as well as traumatic events like car accidents or falls, are some typical causes of neck pain.
Patients with degenerative shoulder issues often have two options: arthroscopic shoulder surgery to heal rips, or shoulder joint replacement. Both procedures carry risks and potential side effects, such as infection, frozen shoulder, and restricted neck motion, as well as months of recovery time to regain strength and mobility. As an alternative, All Star Health provides potent regeneration and other therapies to lessen shoulder degeneration and pain. Think about our choices FIRST if you’re thinking about having surgery!
The medical staff at All Star Health can assist you in getting relief from persistent arm pain. A pinched nerve, a herniated disc, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfer’s elbow, tennis elbow, and other conditions are only a few of the causes of arm pain. Therefore, before beginning any kind of treatment, it is crucial to accurately identify the cause of the discomfort.

Nobody should experience back pain in the lower back. Despite how frequently this state occurs, it is not a normal feature of life and should not be accepted as a negative part of the human experience. Living with lower back pain will only take the body down a dangerous path of increased suffering and progressively limited activities.

Whether age-related degeneration or an unexpected incident caused your back discomfort, it’s vital to know that there are a variety of increasingly effective non-surgical therapy alternatives available. Even with individuals who appear to have untreatable chronic pain and impairment, we at All Star Health never give up on treating back pain.

A number of tiny bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and other structures help the hand, a complicated portion of the body, carry out a variety of complex actions. As a result, the hand and wrist are quite susceptible to a wide range of diseases and accidents that can be painful and impair function.

Visit All Star Health if your hand and wrist pain doesn’t seem to be getting better, as waiting to get help could cause the issue to worsen. Let’s discuss how we can alleviate your hand and wrist pain.

Hip discomfort significantly interferes with daily activities and, if left untreated, typically necessitates long-term pain care. Along with a variety of other opioids and medicines, hip surgery, hip replacement surgery, and hip resurfacing are frequently the only medical alternatives offered to a patient to treat their incapacitating hip pain. Since every situation is unique, our doctors must conduct a thorough diagnosis before recommending a course of action. For individuals with hip discomfort brought on by common traumas, hip arthritis, avascular necrosis, osteonecrosis, hip bursitis, or other degenerative hip issues, however, we provide a variety of strong and effective non-surgical options.

Knee discomfort can make it difficult for you to lead an active, regular life. Work, exercise, and even spending time with loved ones can become challenging daily routines. Symptoms of knee pain include clicking, popping, cracking, and grinding as well as difficulties bearing weight on the knee, difficulty bending and stretching the knee, and pain while performing various everyday activities.

The damage and underlying issues that cause your knee discomfort are treated by All Star Health’s cutting-edge PURE platelet-rich plasma (PRP), Regenerative Therapies, and other therapies.

Without using surgery or anesthetics, our regenerative methods mend injured ligaments, muscles, bones, and tendons by utilizing the body’s natural healing processes. There is essentially no downtime following treatment, and there is little to no danger of adverse side effects. Renew, don’t operate, always!

Trauma, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, and peripheral neuropathy are among the common causes of foot discomfort. A painful condition known as complex regional pain syndrome may be brought on by trauma from auto accidents and work-related injuries (CRPS). Swelling, skin discoloration, and excessive touch sensitivity are all symptoms of it.

Foot pain frequently has little to do with a foot injury. Pain that originates in the lower back and travels to the feet is known as sciatica. At All Star Health, we are aware of how important it is to pinpoint the cause of discomfort.

Our medical professionals are equipped to identify and handle your foot and ankle pain. We are happy to offer those suffering from this crippling ailment comfort.