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Together, we can relieve and manage pain with regenerative medicine, such as stem cells, tissue engineering and cellular therapies.

Regenerative medicine uses biologics to naturally treat and improve joint pain and function in Temp and Gilbert, Arizona. Some of the biologics being utilized in clinical practice include injections of platelet-rich plasma and injections of mesenchymal stem cells extracted from Wharton’s jelly from tissue generated from the umbilical cord.

Particularly in the disciplines of orthopedics, sports medicine, and integrative physical medicine clinics, regenerative medicine has experienced enormous growth in recent years as a successful treatment for ailments like knee osteoarthritis and tendonitis.

Platelet Rich Plasma PurePRP® & Ultrasound Guided PurePRP®

Pure PRP is a patented process and can only be obtained by utilizing the EmCyte processing system. While other PRP systems may achieve 1x to 3x concentration of platelets, the Pure PRP system can achieve up to 8 concentrations. Obtaining the maximum number of platelets, to deliver the highest level of growth factors and other healing biologics, is the key to any PRP treatment being successful.

Prolotherapy & Ultrasound Guided Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy, or proliferation therapy, is the injection of a solution to stimulate the growth of new cells to heal painful areas. Ligaments are the most common sites for injection although muscles and tendons can also be treated.

Whartons Jelly & Ultrasound Guided Whartons Jelly

Found in the Umbilical Cord Wharton’s Jelly (WJ) provides conditioning, support, and lubrication for the Cord. That functional purpose of the Cord makes it a perfect product for treating damaged joints whether that damage is caused by arthritis, inflammation, or injury. The tissue transplant not only has all the healing and regenerative properties at the highest concentration but also provides relief as it gives the joint space more support, cushioning, and lubrication.

Regenerative Medicine


Our body has a natural way to manage pain and heal. When we get cuts or scrapes, our bodies repair themselves through innate healing processes on their own. When we catch a cold, our bodies also respond by fighting the virus causing it. What if it was possible to harness the power of the body to heal and then accelerate it in a clinically relevant way? What if All Star Health pain doctors and chiropractors could help the body heal better from disease or injury? The answer can be found in regenerative medicine.


Joint pain is a common form of pain that affects people of all ages. Though joint pain may impair your day-to-day life, interventional pain management options such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections can offer much-needed pain relief. If you are experiencing joint pain, you may be the ideal candidate for regenerative joint injections.


We are proud to offer the gold standard in platelet rich plasma.

PurePRP® by Emcyte is a rejuvenation therapy that concentrates the cells found in your own blood to create anti-ageing treatments that stimulate regeneration in your skin. We like to think of it as a redistribution of your own resources – ideal for patients who like the most natural approach to their skin health.

Platelets are cells in your blood that respond when a blood vessel is damaged. They also play an important role in healing by releasing growth factors and stimulating a cascade of processes that lead to tissue repair.
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is concentrated from your own blood which contains healing factors, such as white blood cells and bioactive proteins, called growth factors and regenerative cell markers. These cells are vital for tissue regeneration and repair. Platelets, once thought of being responsible only for clotting, have been scientifically proven to be a reservoir of these vital healing components. With advanced techniques we are able to concentrate these regenerative healing cells in a simple outpatient setting.

Minimally invasive

Minimal to no down time

Speeds up and promotes healing

Natural and organic, autologous from your own body

Less side effects when compared to steroid injections or surgery


Regenerative medicine is a discipline of medicine that focuses on utilizing and optimizing natural self-healing processes to improve or recover our health. It includes methods like the following:

  1. Platelet Rich Plasma PurePRP®
  2. Prolotherapy
  3. Whartons Jelly
  4. Amniotic Fluid

With its innate ability to heal, the human body can sometimes make you forget that wounds and accidents can happen at a moment’s notice. However, modern advancements in science are also pleasant reminders that there are other things such as regenerative medicine that can make our lives easier and make us feel better more quickly.

More and more cellular therapies under this medical field are surfacing that could completely change how we treat illness and disease. Currently, most clinical treatments have even focused on alleviating symptoms, but cellular therapies are designed to cure illnesses at their roots, and it needs a lot more research and trials.

Regenerative medicine goes beyond the norm with how your body is treated. That’s why our services at All Star Health focuses on recovery such as auto accidents, and pain medicine.

To find out why you should consider regenerative medicine, here are 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions you might have before getting in touch with us:


  • 30 Minute Procedure
  • 4-6 Week Healing Process
  • No Downtime
  • FDA Cleared
  • All of our treatments are performed by a board certified medical provider.
  • Regenerative treatments do not work if they are not guided. The treatments we perform use ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance for precise delivery.
  • Regenerative therapy is most effective when performed by a physician who can diagnose you and knows the contraindication. Our Practitioner is a certified expert with chronic pain, acute pain, and sports injuries.

Osteoarthritis, ligament, and tendon injuries are very common problems. Regenerative Cellular therapy for knee, feet, ankles, hips, elbows, wrist, hand, etc. is a non-surgical alternative for those who suffer from pain.

Surgeries can be painful and require an extended rehabilitation time. Regenerative medicine procedures allow the body to heal itself by providing building blocks known as regenerative cells that stimulate the body’s natural healing processes to work.


The way orthopedic injuries and persistent pain are treated is changing as a result of regenerative medicine. A dextrose solution is injected into degraded and injured connective tissue during prolotherapy to encourage the body’s natural healing process. The results of prolotherapy are a combination of mechanical and physiological factors. Mechanically, ultrasound-guided needle injections inflict more microtrauma on the area, which the body tries to heal by producing inflammatory cells at the injection site that resemble an injury reaction. The solution physiologically releases growth hormones linked to wound healing.



Boost connective tissue and joint strength

increased mobility or resumption of regular function

repair of strained tendons and

mending harmed joints

decrease in joint pain

fewer injuries will occur again

stimulation of the body’s own recovery mechanisms

1. What Does Regenerative Medicine Do?

Regenerative medicine focuses on using natural self-healing processes by replacing human cells or tissues to restore or re-establish normal functions. These treatments include both in vivo and in vitro procedures.

Studies and trials that are performed inside a living body are in vivo procedures. This works by stimulating previously irreparable cells to heal themselves. In vitro treatments, on the other hand, are applied to the body through implantation of certain therapies that have ongoing studies inside laboratories.

The instances when the body has tissue loss motivated the development of therapies that regenerate tissues and decrease reliance on transplants. For example, regenerative cells transformed into liver cells could potentially be placed in the body of someone with a damaged liver. These healthy cells could then restore the liver’s health using the body’s natural healing process — the “good” cells replacing the “bad” ones or teaching them to become healthy once again.

With the different types of regenerative medicine, there could be no more concern about adverse effects like the body rejecting transplanted cells since treatment is inspired by natural body functions that make use of a person’s own regenerative cells.

2. What Are Some Types Of This Medicine?

There are three types of regenerative medicine that can help you heal your body. The most commonly known types are:

  1. Medical Devices
  2. Tissue Engineering
  3. Cellular Therapies

We practice regenerative therapies here at All Star Health . Our experts have been specializing in their respective fields for years.

3. Does My Insurance Or Medicare Cover Regenerative Medicine Treatments?

In addition to our complimentary benefits check we offer pre-authorization for regenerative medicine treatments. Once our board-certified pain doctors and chiropractors have examined you and determined that regenerative medicine is the best course of action, they will submit a pre-authorization to your insurance/Medicare provider. Once approved, then treatment can begin. All aspects of the pre-authorization process are handled by our staff, so all you have to do is concentrate on your health.

4. What Are Regenerative Natural Biologics?

As the fundamental building blocks of human tissue, regenerative cells are capable of repairing, rebuilding, and rejuvenating tissues throughout the body. They respond to specific distress signals that a cell generates and facilitate the healing process in times of disease or injury.

Regenerative cell research is at the heart of regenerative medicine and is particularly promising for scientists studying it. Studies have shown that the tissue can regrow and heal if these cells are inserted into damaged or diseased tissues under the right conditions.

There’s still a lot of research to be done, but with the discovery of induced natural biologics, scientists around the world are optimistic that these biologics could be used to help heal nearly any type of tissue in the body. Additionally, biologics can also be derived from the blood and skin.

5. Does The Regenerative Therapy Procedure Hurt?

It actually involves less pain since regenerative therapy does not require any invasive procedures. In most of our pain clinic sessions, treatment also consists of a single injection, so the procedure typically takes only a few minutes of your time and can be completed in a single office visit.

6. Does My Age Matter When I Receive Regenerative Treatment?

Yes, the results of your treatment will also depend on your age, among other factors. This is why our board-certified pain doctors and chiropractors strive to provide you with comprehensive information about your treatment outcomes during your consultations with us.

7. Is It Safe To Use Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative cell therapies and other types of regenerative therapy are safe to use when administered properly by qualified professionals. Currently, the FDA has not approved any regenerative cell-based products for use, other than cord blood-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells (blood-forming regenerative cells) for certain indications. However, certain therapies have been approved in Europe already, and there have also been FDA-approved regenerative medicine under the category of biologics, cell-based medical devices, and biopharmaceuticals. At All Star Health, our products have been rigorously tested in accordance with FDA guidelines. Thousands of patients have also used already our tissue allografts with no adverse effects, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of our practices.

8. When Will I Start Feeling The Benefits Of Regenerative Therapy?

Your recovery time will vary depending on the area that is being treated, your personal health history, and the severity of your injury. You can ask our board-certified medical providers, pain management doctors and chiropractors for further information about your recovery timeline.


Regenerative medicine can help other people with chronic or fatal diseases. It provides one with the ability to create new tissue or replace damaged or missing tissues. This branch of research requires significant clinical trials to help understand how we can make the lives of people better through things like regenerative cell research and biopharmaceuticals.

There will come a time when the loss of limb will be nothing more than an easy transplant, but for now, our advancements in the research and furthering of regenerative medicine will have to continuously work hard through clinical trials and a little bit of support from you. Just imagine how cellular therapies could completely change how we treat illness and disease.

For more detailed and up-to-date information, schedule a consultation and assessment with us. Give us a call today at 844-844-4755 or visit us to book an appointment.