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Together, we can Keep your muscles and tendons flexible and healthy by using Active and Passive stretching techniques.

Active and Passive Stretching

How Active and Passive Stretching Works?

Keeping muscles and tendons flexible and healthy by stretching is a great way of preserving our body’s elasticity and overall long-term health. Incorporating stretches into your treatment plan contributes to preventing injury, increasing range of motion, improving posture, healing and managing pain. At All Star Health, our team of pain management doctors and chiropractors will assist in your stretching performances and ensure you are targeting the correct areas that need attention.

Active Stretching

During active or static-active stretching, a patient uses their agonist muscles to hold a stretch for 10 to 15 seconds without the assistance of an apparatus or person. Active stretching helps strengthen agonist muscles by relaxing the opposing muscle group, antagonist muscles. This type of stretching is similar to poses or stretches done in yoga practices. Active stretching will not force your muscles further than what your muscles can tolerate.

Passive Stretching

During passive or static-passive stretching, a patient assumes a stretch with the assistance of a partner or apparatus. These types of stretches are reliant on an external force to accomplish a full stretch. Passive stretches enhance flexibility and prevent muscle soreness following a workout, so they are a great option after a workout. Passive stretching is also useful when recovering from an injury or when a patient cannot stretch on their own.

At All Star Health, our pain relief specialists and chiropractors will work with you to address your specific concerns. Whether it’s teaching you how to properly perform stretches or assisting you in them to relieve back pain or neck pain, our team of pain doctors and chiropractic physicians will guide you along the way and provide you with confidence to perform these activities with ease. Call 844-844-5300 today to schedule a consultation.