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Together we can treat soreness and tightness in muscles by using the Theragun, a kinetically powered device that uses percussive therapy.

Theragun Therapy

What is Theragun Therapy?

The Theragun is a kinetically powered device that uses percussive therapy to treat soreness and tightness in muscles. It is used to help break up lactic acid in muscles with less effort. This device is ideal for workout recovery and is more effective than alternative methods. It is also useful for those who are sensitive to deep-tissue massages. Due to the percussion of the device, the Theragun is able to interfere with the brain’s pain signal and successfully provide a deep and targeted treatment without the pain. When used before workouts, it activates muscles and increases range of motion, ensuring you have a safe and more productive workout.

Additional Benefits of Theragun Therapy

Beyond improving sports performance and recovery, percussive therapy has added benefits such as:

  • Relieving stress and tension and promoting relaxation
  • Releasing fluid deep in muscles
  • Increases blood circulation and oxygen flow
  • Revitalizes atrophied muscles
  • Releases lactic acid build up
  • Stimulates nerve receptors
  • Breaks up scar tissue overtime
  • Enhances range of motion
  • Improves overall wellness

Theragun Therapy can be facilitated on its own or in conjunction with other interventional pain management treatments provided at All Star Health Spine and Joint Care. Our pain doctors and chiropractors in Tempe, AZ and Gilbert, AZ are ready to work with you in creating an individualized treatment plan. Please call us at 844-844-4755 to schedule a consultation with one of our team.