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See how our patient oriented approach has helped people deal with pain and lead pain free lives.

What Our Patients Say

“I have been in the care of All Star Health for the past 5 years, and would not trust anywhere else for mine, and my family’s care.

I am a mom of 2 insanely busy boys, I work as a nurse in one of the busiest hospitals in the valley, and also train year round to run in marathons and Ragnar races – so I am often in need of chiropractic care from constantly being on my feet!

As I reach the end of my 30s, I am seeing that I am in more and more need of not only adjustments, but also the advice and care from their Physician’s Assistant who can advise me in trigger point injections and stretching.

It is a one stop shop for stretching, massage therapy, chiropractic care and overall comprehensive of the body’s natural health and function.

I am thankful for their care and highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a place that will listen to them and provide complete and adequate care.”


“Simply wonderful experience here at All Star Health. Dr. Griffin is first class in his knowledge and bedside manner.

He is very thorough in both examination and treatment. I wasn’t looking for your typical chiropractor and he is definitely not your typical chiropractor.

It was my first visit here and he was able to help reduce my chronic back pain.

I look forward to returning to this clinic and working with Dr. Griffin for future and continued healing.

Big Thank You to Dr. Griffin and the wonderful staff and office folks here.

Don’t hesitate to book an appointment here–you will be well cared for.”


I am a regular patient at All Star Health and have always found the staff very friendly , and their treatments quite effective.

The treatment is more than sorting out back pain; it’s about being well. Dr. Griffin offers good care and advice for sustainable, long-term good health.

I went initially to him with major back pain, and very quickly almost pain free now, and on the road to feeling well.

“I’ve had acupuncture, chiropractor and massage treatments here, and I highly recommend their professional approach to health and well being.

Nice people in a good, quiet, stress-free environment.

Let them know Michael sent you! :)”


“LOL, so happy with this practice, I didn’t even remember posting a great review 2 months ago and ready to do it again.

I inadvertently showed up an hour early for my appointment, prepared to wait and they spontaneously got me in early without even complaining or cutting my time short or skimping on care.

Class act, the whole place.”


“Having never seen a Chiropractor before, I was so thankful to have landed in the right place at the right time.

My back had been hurting after lifting a box. My pcp had no solutions.

When I went in on May 5th, I had no idea that they would save my life by sending me to the ER immediately after recognizing there was something seriously wrong.

While I have no memory of the following week, I know that the office called my family to be sure I was okay–best customer service and concern I have ever received. Thank you!”


“Was recommended to this by a friend. I’ve seen the videos were someone is adjusted and you can hear the pops and the people seemed relieved after their sessions and I can say that the feeling is great.

The staff is very friendly and personal and make every visit awesome.

I know that with every visit I’m getting stronger and flexible.

I used to think that going to a chiropractor was because you’re old but really its just about how tough we are on our bodies and they help work that problem out and show tips and tricks to do this at home but also have the door open just in case you need a little more help.

Thank you guys in helping me in my journey!”


Every caregiver at All Star is the best I’ve had in the many years I’ve had to receive alternative care for my back.

You can trust these people to do what is best for you, and with the least side effects.

Money isn’t the bottom-line with All Star Health.

They really want people to get better.”


“This Dr is amazing and always has great staff too.

I use to come to this location weekly and they were always on time and did what they could to help ease my symptoms.

I have other family members that go to the Gilbert location too.

The space is inviting, staff is friendly and my go to Chiropractor!”


“Love the staff and complete care.

Chiropractic, Nurse practitioner, massage therapy all in one!

Excellent scheduling availability and they are flexible.

Always great attitudes and we have fun!”


“All Star Health is awesome!

They have an awesome, eager-to-serve staff and are always so easy to work with and helpful.

Highly recommend!”


“I’ve never been to a chiropractor before.

Honestly, they’re great.

Super friendly staff and 10/10 care.

Highly recommend :)”


“I highly recommend this location.

I’ve been going here for a few years now for several issues.

I always leave satisfied.

The staff is always friendly and they try their best to fit you into their schedule no matter how busy they are.”


“By far the best chiropractor

I have ever been to.

Doesn’t try to sell you on coming back all the time.”


“Thankful for the therapy and the team that helped get my back, back in shape.

I feel that I have the tools to keep my back healthy.

I always enjoyed going and seeing the staff they made my visits fun an enjoyable.”


“All the staff were friendly and professional.

Dr. Griffin was genuinely concerned and very thorough when examining me for a treatment plan.

The office is clean and organized.

I am happy that I found a great place to get help!”


“Great experience!

They really took the time to explain everything.

Very thorough and friendly.

Best experience I have ever had at an medical facility.”



Pain of any kind deserves to be addressed. A tailored course of treatment can help you understand the underlying causes of your pain, address symptoms associated with your injuries and help you find the relief you deserve. All Star Health wants to help you live a better quality of life day in and day out. With All Star Health , you don’t have to compromise your quality of life.

Call Us at 844-844-4755 to secure your appointment. Walk-ins are most welcome.