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Disc Injury Treatment

Disc Injury Treatment at All Star Health Spine and Joint Care

The health of our spine is essential to the overall quality of our lives. It is important to keep our spines healthy by getting the proper treatments to address the pain and discomfort we may be experiencing.

The spine is made up of a series of stacked bones called vertebrae that are cushioned between pads of cartilage called discs. These discs act as shock absorbers and are structured in a way similar to a jelly donut. Inside the spinal disc there is a soft, gel-like center called nucleus pulposus, surrounded by the outer layer called the annulus. When a herniated disc occurs, the pressure from the vertebrae surrounding the discs forces the nucleus pulposus through the annulus, putting pressure on the nerves and resulting in pain.

What Causes Herniated Discs?

There are a number of causes for herniated discs. Factors include:

• Aging
Normal wear and tear begins to break down discs, making them more

susceptible to injury.

• Weight

Excessive weight adds extra stress to the overall spine.

• Injury

Sudden or repetitive movements such as lifting or twisting movements can cause strains in the spine

Treatments for Herniated Discs and Disc Injury

At All Star Health, our team of board-certified medical providers and chiropractors are trained to address all your pain-related concerns. If disc injury or herniated discs are found the be the cause of your discomfort, treatments may include:

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