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PENS-Dry Needling Treatment

PENS-Dry Needling Treatment Offered at All Star Health Spine and Joint Care

What is PENS/Dry Needling and How it Helps?

(Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (PENS)

It is a technique that targets myofascial trigger points in order to relieve pain and improve range of motion. Another name for dry needling is PENS. Dry needling uses very thin, solid filament needles inserted through the skin and into the muscle to the area of the trigger point.  The goal is to elicit a twitch response within the muscle to help relieve tension, increase flexibility, alleviate pain and improve overall function.

Many patients are able to increase their activity and perform stretching exercises, which in turn reduces such secondary complications of chronic pain such as muscle spasm. In cases such as this, the benefits of PENS may prevent the recurrence of the pain-spasm-inactivity cycle which plagues so many patients.

Conditions Dry Needling Can Address

Here are some of the many pain conditions that this therapy can help to manage:

  • Cervical disc disease
  • Headaches
  • Hip pain
  • Low back pain
  • Mid back pain
  • Lumbar disc herniation
  • Shoulder pain
  • Elbow pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Knee pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Neck pain

When do patients feel results?

Some patients feel immediate relief from their complaint and leave stunned that they finally found something that has given them at least relief from their long lasting issue. Others take a few treatments for relief. Some people are cured in a few treatments and others need a maintenance treatment every month or two. Some patients get noticeable relief but not a permanent cure.

PENS/Dry Needling is not Acupuncture

PENS/Dry needling is not acupuncture, the only similarity is that both acupuncture and trigger point dry needling both use similar (solid filament) needles. Unlike the needles used to inject solutions into the body, these needles are not hollow. Miriam Webster defines acupuncture as “Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points especially to cure disease or relieve pain “ It is based on the Chinese systems of meridians and energetic flow. In contrast dry needling is a part of modern Western medicine principles. Its premise is based on anatomical structures and it is supported by research. Physical therapists use dry needling with the goal of releasing or inactivating trigger points to relieve pain or improve range of motion.

Part of an Integrated Approach

We believe in the power of combining multiple therapies for optimal results. That’s why dry needling can be part of a multimodal approach.

PENS-Dry Needling can be a great way to address muscle pain. If you are looking to relieve the pain caused by trigger points, our team of medical providers are here to help. Please call us at 844-844-5300 to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified pain doctors and chiropractors.

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